First and Last Stories

The story of the first Hebrew forshadows the history of the ancient Hebrews.


First Hebrew Hebrew Light-line
1. Abram leaves Ur of the Chaldees with family and receives initial command-promises. (Genesis 11:31 – 12:3) 1. God scatters the Babel-builders but guides Abraham to his inheritance, entering into covenant with him. (Genesis 11:7 – 22:4)
2. God appears to Abram making the first mention of Abram’s “seed.” Abram builds his first altar to the Lord. (12:7) 2. In obedience to divine command, Abraham seeks to offer Isaac as a burnt offering to God. The Lord stops him at the last second, and pronounces the supreme blessing-promise over Abraham and his seed. (Genesis 22:5-18)
3. Abraham goes down to Egypt because of famine and finally comes back out, enriched. (12:8 – 13:3) 3. Israel goes down to Egypt because of famine and comes back out 400 years later, greatly multiplied and enriched.
4. Abram and Lot separate, Lot chooses the plain of Jordan in close proximity to Sodom and Gomorrah (his downfall), and Abram chooses the land of Canaan. God tells Abram to look north, south, east, and west and view the land of his inheritance. (13:5-18) 4. In the wilderness, God’s Law, statues, and the pattern of the sanctuary and its service is given. One Israelite generation dies in the wilderness because of unbelief, but the next generation is prepared to enter the land of Canaan led by their representatives, Joshua and Caleb, who spied out the land and brought back a good report.
5. Abram goes to war with Chedorlaomer and his allies. (14:14-17) 5. The Israelites invade the Promised Land. A long period especially marked by war and bloodshed follows. (Joshua and Judges)
6. Melchizedek, king and priest of Salem, enters Abram’s story. (14:18-24) 6. Samuel is born, grows up as a priest in God’s Sanctuary at the religious capitol, Shiloh, and ends up as a prophet and a judge in Israel. (1 Samuel 1-4)
7. The Lord (Abram’s “Seed”) tells Abram that He is everything Abram needs. Abram responds by expressing his disappointment that God has not given him a child. God promises that Abram will have an heir. (15:1-6) 7. God is all the Ruler that Israel needs, but they ask for a human king. By the direction of God, Samuel anoints Saul as the first King of Israel. (1 Samuel 8-10)
8. Abram and Sarai’s faith waver and Abram takes Hagar as wife. Ishmael is conceived. Hagar flees into the wilderness but later returns and gives birth to Abram’s first son. (16) 8. Saul’s faith becomes defunct. David is anointed king and spends a long time fleeing from Saul in the wilderness. Finally David returns to become the king of Israel. (1 Samuel 16:1; 23:14, 2 Samuel 2-5)
9. God most powerfully expresses His promises and covenant to Abram. God gives Abraham a literal sign of the covenant, circumcision. (17) 9. God empowers the Davidic covenant by giving Solomon spectacular wisdom and wealth. Solomon builds God’s Temple, a wonder of the world and a physical symbol of God’s special relationship with Israel. (1 Kings 3, 6-8)
10. Abraham speaks with the Lord on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah, but the wicked cities must be destroyed anyway because of their utter moral filthiness. (18-19)□□□The Lord reveals to Abimelech that Abraham is His prophet, and tells the king to return Sarah. Abimelech does so. (20) 10. Prophets speak for the Lord to Israel, but continued apostasy results in Israel taken into captivity and Jerusalem destroyed by the king of the north.□□□Cyrus sees Daniel to be a man of God and shows him marked respect an honors his judgment. God reveals to Cyrus the prophetic statements of God’s will that the Persian king let his people return to their own land. Cyrus follows the divine directive. (Prophets and Kings, 557-558)
11. Abraham’s seed, Isaac, is born and eventually weened from his mother. Abraham makes a great feast “the same day” Isaac is weened. (21:1-8) 11. Jesus, Abraham’s Seed, is born and works under his parents for 30 years. When he embarks on his public mission at the wedding (feast) in Cana, he tells his mother, “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” (John 2:4)
12. Within the 3rd day after God told Abraham, “Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there,” Abraham attempts to sacrifice Isaac his son on a mountain in Moriah. (22:1-11) 12. Within the 3rd year after God said, “Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11), Jesus is sacrificed for our sin on Calvary.


The Revelation of the last Hebrew reflects the history of Christianity up until the “time of the end.”


The Last Hebrew Christian Light-line
1. Jesus appears to John. (Revelation 1) 1. Jesus rises from the dead.
2. The Seven-Spirits are sent into all the earth (5) 2. “The day of Pentecost was fully come.” (Acts 2:1)
3. (6)

  • The history of the Christian church is described symbolically under the first four seals.
  • The Christian martyrs are seen and heard after the opening of the fifth seal.
  • The great day of the wrath of the Lamb is seen after the opening of the sixth seal.

  • The Christian Church begins,
  • Stephen becomes the first Christian martyr
  • Jerusalem is destroyed.
4. The Angel ascends from the east bringing the Seal of God. (7) 4. The Revelation of Jesus Christ is given to John the Apostle (and the seven churches).
5. The first four trumpet-judgments sound. (8) 5. Alaric the Goth, Genseric the Vandal, Attila the Hun, and Odoacer harass, pillage, and war against pagan Rome gradually shattering its power.
(Revelation 9-10 have no known chronological significance with respect to the Christian Light-line history.)
6. The two witnesses prophesying, the pure church fleeing into the wilderness, the transfer of power from the dragon to the sea-beast, 666, and the 1260 days are topics discussed only in Revelation 11-13. 6. The time period during which pagan Rome became papal Rome, prophetically speaking, was 508 – 538 A.D. 1260 years of papal rule would follow during which the Bible would be preserved and bear testimony along with a persecuted, faithful remnant of those holding to the pure Christian faith.
(Revelation 14-15 have no known chronological significance with respect to the Christian Light-line history.)
7. The darkest, most terrifying chapter of the book of Revelation is chapter 16. 7. The darkest, most terrifying time period within the Christian Light-line would have to be the period from 538 A.D. until the Reformation.
8. In chapters 17-18 of Revelation, a presentation is given 1) of the whore, Babylon the great, drunken with the blood of the saints, and 2) of the beast carrying her. Babylon is described as being fallen and God’s voice is heard calling His people out of her. 8. During the Protestant Reformation, Christians began to recognize the Catholic church for what it really was. By that time the papacy had martyred millions. Protestants protested papal Rome and separated themselves from her.
9. God avenges heaven and the holy apostles and prophets on Babylon. (Revelation 18:20 – 19:3) 9. In 1798, France takes the Pope captive thereby bringing to a temporary end the power of the Catholic Church.


With divine precision, the Revelation of the last Hebrew gives the last history of grace.


The Last Hebrew Final Redemption Light-line
1. John writes that “the time is at hand.” (Revelation 1:3) 1. The second “time of the end” arrives in 1989.
2. The Seven-Spirits are sent into all the earth. (5:6) 2. The end-time Former Rain is poured out on 9/11/2001.
3. Church history is presented symbolically under the opening of the first four seals. The sixth seal opened brings into view the day of the wrath of the Lamb. (6) 3. Great light is shed upon Adventist history. The truths revealed by the events surrounding 9/11/2001 make way for a broader understanding of Millerite history. The “seven times” curse of God (His indignation), which sheds light on the soon-coming scattering of Seventh-day Adventism at the NSL, surfaces as a testing present-truth.
4. Jesus Christ, the Angel ascending from the east, brings the Seal of God. (7:2) 4. On 9/9/2011, 9/10/2011, and 9/11/2011, the three-dimensional structure of the Seal of God is discovered by a young, mathematics graduate student.
5. The first four trumpet-judgments fall. (8) Next, the locust and horsemen armies of Apollyon enter the spotlight. (9) 5. The modern parallel of ancient pagan Rome is the United States of America. Our nation will soon experience the calamities represented in Revelation 8. Then Islam will become a predominant concern.
6. The Revelation 10 Angel has John eat the sweet-bitter little book. 6. The final fulfillment of the Midnight Cry (the first “Escape Babylon Movement” in the book Lines of Truth, p. 272-274) electrifies the world.
7. The Revelation 10 Angel stands, telling John to measure the temple of God. The Two Witnesses (which are the two candlesticks) are presented. (11) 7. Probation effectively closes on Adventism. The actual blueprint of the New Jerusalem is studied by God’s remnant in connection with the two halves of the Candlesystem.
8. The man child is born.□□□The sea-beast receives the dragon’s power, seat, and great authority. The earth-best speaks as a dragon causing all to worship the sea-beast and its image and receive its mark. 8. The seal is impressed on each member of God’s faithful remnant. The 144,000 are spiritually born as such.□□□The United States of America enacts a national Sunday law and gives its power and authority to the Papacy.
9. The 144,000 stand with the Lamb on Mount Zion, faultless before the throne of God. Then the Three Angel’s Messages are proclaimed. (14) 9. The 144,000’s visionary experience in heaven, which comes with the full outpouring of the Latter Rain, is given. God’s faithful remnant goes forth from the experience to preach 1) the everlasting gospel, 2) the warning of Babylon fallen, and 3) the fearful truths about the wrath of God.
10. The plague-angels come out of the temple in heaven and pour out the vials of God’s wrath upon the earth.□□□ A lesson is given concerning the blood-drunken whore, the seven-headed beast she rides, and the ten kings which reign with the whore for one hour. (15-17) 10. The 144,000’s message is given to warn the world of the soon-to-arrive, “seven last plagues.” □□□ Whoever will can, by this time, clearly see the identities of the “great whore” and the ten kings she reigns over. Towards the end of the “Latter Rain Era” (Lines of Truth, 241), the whore will be drunken with blood of the “many” she destroyed, and utterly made away with (Daniel 11:44).
11. The final warning to the world is given. (18) 11. The “Escape Babylon Movement” of the Latter Rain Era takes place (Lines of Truth, p 272-273). It constitutes the last plea of God’s mercy.
12. God avenges heaven and the holy apostles and prophets on Babylon. (Revelation 18:20 – 19:3) 12. Michael stands up, human probation closes, and the ten kings turn against the Catholic Church and seek to destroy it.
The Word of God is seen arrayed in a kingly vesture and coming followed by the armies of heaven. He “treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.” (19) As soon as Michael closes human probation, He puts on His “most kingly robes” and leaves heaven, surrounded by the heavenly host, to return to earth. While He travels through space, the seven last plagues are falling (Spiritual Gifts, vol. 1, 199).
An angel comes down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain. He binds the Devil in the pit for one thousand years. Christ and the saints reign together in heaven for the Millennium. (20) Jesus and his heavenly army arrive at earth. Christ unlocks the door of the grave and calls his saints forth. Christ leaves Satan bound to the earth by a chain of circumstances. Christ and the saints reign together in heaven during the Millennium. After the thousand years, death and all who cling to it are cast into the lake of fire. God’s enemies are finally destroyed forever.
The Holy City is seen coming down out of heaven. (21) At the end of the Millennium, Christ and all the inhabitants of heaven along with New Jerusalem itself descend to the earth. Christ then re-creates the earth, promising that “there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain” (Revelation 21:4).
The river and the tree of life, the surety of no more curse, the throne of God, an occupation serving the Lamb, views of the Lamb’s face, the name of God impressed on the forehead, and God-given light compose the blessing given those who keep God’s commandments. An invitation to come and partake is made by the Spirit and the bride. A warning is given. Finally, Jesus personally promises his sudden coming. (22) The saints finally receive their complete reward.


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